Explaining Hearing Loss to Your Loved Ones

Hearing loss is a slow process that is often unnoticed by the person who is suffering from it. Hearing aids are used by only approximately 30% of those over the age of 70 who could benefit from them. Between the ages of 20-69, the percentage drops to just 20%. It can be difficult to watch a loved one struggle unnecessarily, but getting them to accept their hearing loss can be even more challenging. As a result, here are some suggestions to help them accept their condition and reach out for proper treatment. 

When it comes to discussing our health, many of us are hesitant. Don’t be embarrassed or shy about your hearing loss. The sooner individuals around you understand how to communicate with you, the more welcoming you are. Take advantage of this opportunity to educate them; you may find that many people are eager to hear what you have to say.

Inform individuals who are close to you about your hearing loss. Inform your family, friends, and coworkers that you use hearing aids and that you may occasionally miss things. Explain how your hearing aids operate and when scenarios could be difficult to hear.

Explain the Health Advantages First

When approaching a talk concerning hearing loss, it’s best to start with the facts. As a result, describing the health benefits of hearing aids is a good place to start. Hearing loss, for example, has been linked to major health problems like dementia in multiple studies. There is a strong correlation between depression and hearing loss, as evidenced by numerous research. In fact, depression is found in nearly 12% of people who have some degree of hearing loss.

Talk About the Career Impacts of Hearing Loss

If your loved one dismisses the health dangers of hearing loss, emphasizing the positive career impacts that hearing aids can provide is a terrific method to persuade them to try them (particularly the younger and middle-aged population). Proper hearing is crucial to being successful in almost all career fields, because it helps you communicate during meetings and phone calls, as well as improves the odds of you better understanding a presentation.

Help Them Understand the Different Options

Educate them on the benefits of modern hearing aids. Another reason people avoid wearing hearing aids is that they believe they are bulky, painful, and unsightly. While this may have been true 20 or even 10 years ago, hearing aids nowadays are far more evolved in terms of functioning and design. In fact, there are many hearing aids you can equip with features like Bluetooth that enable you to better connect to compatible technology around you, like televisions, speakers and soundbars.

Some hearing aid styles – like invisible in canal (IIC) and completely in canal (CIC) – are virtually undetectable to people around you. Modern hearing aids, whether behind the ear (BTE) or in the ear (ITE), are sleek and inconspicuous, coming in shades that blend with hair color or skin tones. Do some research and offer photographs of current models to your loved ones before speaking with them.

Additionally, hearing aid cost is one of the main reasons why people who could benefit from hearing aids are somewhat hesitant. Luckily, because of the variety of styles and features you can customize your hearing aid with, you can work with a hearing professional to find a device in your desired range. 

Set a Good Example 

While you can’t compel your loved one to try hearing aids, you can set a positive example by having your hearing tested on a regular basis. Hearing aids will be less stigmatized as a result of this, and hearing health will become more typical. 

Hearing loss can have an impact on all aspects of your life, including your employment, family, friendships and romantic relationships. You are your own best champion for hearing health awareness if you have a hearing loss. You’ll be in a great position to help those around you understand hearing loss and how to interact with you and others who have hearing loss after you’ve gone through the extensive testing procedure. You might even be the one to persuade someone you care about to get their hearing tested.

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