A Quick Guide to Protecting your Hearing

Hearing loss isn’t something that can always be prevented. For some people it can happen as they get older, and partial hearing loss becomes a natural part of getting older. But hearing loss due to certain things, like accidents or exposure to loud sounds, could be something that could be avoided. There are some quite simple things that you can do to help stop loud noises from doing any permanent damage to your hearing, no matter your age or current hearing.

Avoid loud noises

One of the best ways to look after your hearing, and avoid noise-induced hearing loss, is to make sure that you avoid too many loud noises. One of the best ways to do that, is to keep away from certain loud noises, as much as you can.

Something that is classed as loud, is if it means that you have to raise your voice to be able to talk to other people, or if you can’t hear what people are saying, and they are only close to you. Something that hurts your ears can be damaging and classed as too loud, and if you have a ringing in your ears, or find it hard to hear after you have been around something loud. 

Noise levels are measured using decibels (dB). If the number is high, then it means that the noise level is high. If a sound is over 85dB then it can be quite harmful, and will be if you are around it for prolonged periods of time. Some examples of this, to see where you are with things, is that a conversation is around 60dB, with whispering being around 30dB. A motorbike is around 90dB, with headphone music being well over that at 100 to 110dB. So, these are things to make a note of, and reduce how much you’re around loud noises for prolonged periods of time.

Take care when listening to music

As has been said, listening to music in headphones can be very loud, and if you do this a lot, it could have a long-term impact. Noise cancelling headphones are going to be the best option, rather than turning up the volume to drown out the outside sound.

Likewise, you should only turn up the volume enough to hear the music comfortably; other people shouldn’t be able to hear it if they’re next to you. Then it would be too loud. It is also a good idea to only use headphones for less than an hour each time, and take a break each hour. This is something that can easily be done, so that any hearing loss can be avoided. 

Protect your hearing during loud events and activities

There are some things that will happen and that are loud, such as going to a sporting event, music concert or nightclub. However, there are still things that you can do to make sure that your hearing is looked after. Staying as far away from speakers as you can is a good idea, as well as stepping away and taking a break from the noise, every fifteen minutes or so.

You should also give yourself a chance to recover after an event like this. So, the next day, don’t blast your headphones really loud in your ears. You could even think about getting some earplugs to wear at the event, so that the sound is heard but just at a lower level or wearing some ear defenders. Wearing ear defenders is a must with children at loud events like sports matches, music concerts or even something like a firework event.

Get your hearing tested

Having regular appointments to have your hearing checked is something that is a good idea, especially if you are concerned about any aspects of your hearing. The earlier that any hearing loss is detected, the earlier that something can be done about it. If you work in an environment with a lot of loud sounds, like being a musician or working with large and noisy equipment, then having checks with a hearing health professional, at least once a year can be a good idea. 

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