What are the Most Common Hearing Aid Repairs?

If you need to use hearing aids then you should be aware of some of the most common hearing aid repairs that need to be carried out. Hearing aids are complex little things with many parts to them. You may be able to carry out these repairs yourself if they are straightforward or you may have to take it to a hearing healthcare professional to be repaired for you. 

Reasons to Need Hearing Aids

If you find yourself experiencing hearing loss then you may be referred to a hearing health professional to find out what the cause is and any treatment options that may be available to you. If you are one of the 15% of people in America who have some form of hearing loss, then you are not alone. Hearing loss becomes far more prevalent as you get older and you are far more likely to have hearing loss once you are over the age of 60.

Common Repairs 

Even with the best care, your hearing aids could fall victim to needing maintenance. Whether it’s everyday wear and tear or simply a result of an aging aid, ensure you get the most out of your device by watching out for these common hearing device repairs.

Ear Hook 

This is one of the simplest repairs you can do to your hearing aids. The ear hook is the part of the hearing aid that loops around your ear to stop it coming out. The hearing aid hook can become damaged through general wear and tear. It can also become damaged when it is not stored in its container.

Hearing aids should always be stored correctly when not in use. If the hook becomes damaged it needs to be repaired straight away as you won’t be able to use the hearing aid until it’s mended.

Broken Microphone

If you are experiencing problems with the sound that is coming through your hearing aid, then there could be a problem with the microphone. If the sound isn’t coming through or it is distorted then it is worth getting the hearing aid checked. If you do have a problem with the microphone this is a job for the highly trained hearing healthcare professionals, you won’t be able to do this repair yourself. You will need to contact your hearing aid manufacturer to find out where you need to send it to get it repaired. 

Another cause of not hearing the sound properly could be caused by your hearing changing once again, possibly getting worse. If you think that may be the case, then you can get the settings changed free of charge. 

Clogged Connected Tubing

When you wear hearing aids it is important to remember that your ears are not able to get rid of wax naturally due to the earmold being in the way. If you have a buildup of wax then this can become jammed in the tube of your hearing aids. The problem with this is that the tube is needed to connect the device to the receiver. If this does become clogged, then it can impact the way your hearing aids work. 

The tubing will need to be replaced and it is possible to do this yourself if you know the right way to do it. Your hearing care provider may have shown you the right way to do this. If not then take it back to the provider and they will be able to change it for you. 

Worn Earmold

Over time your earmolds can become damaged through general wear and tear. You will know if your earmold is damaged as it will no longer fit comfortably and properly in your ear. The only way this issue can be rectified is through repair.

It might take some time for this to be repaired as the whole process of getting a new earmold can take a couple of weeks. If a new earmold is not needed, then the repair can be quick and simple with the help of a hearing healthcare professional. 

Damaged Battery Compartment 

One final issue to mention is problems that can arise with the battery compartment. If you notice problems with the batteries or the battery compartment, then this will need to be repaired or even replaced. You won’t be able to do this yourself, you will need to take it back to your hearing healthcare professional to handle this repair. 

If you are unable to do the repairs yourself at home then why give a hearing healthcare professional at Hear Again America a call at (877) 905-9493. We will be able to help you out every step of the way. 

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