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Do people seem to mumble, especially in noise?
Do you have difficulty understanding the television?
We Can Help!

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  1. Electronic hearing screening by our licensed hearing professional.
  2. Ear Scan – you will see your ear canal on a TV screen with the use of our special video camera. Your problem may just be wax!
  3. Be the first to try Starkey’s newest Livio® AI, the smallest, best-sounding, best-performing hearing aid on the market! Livio AI helps you better understand conversations and hear comfortably in any noisy environment. You can stream TV, music and much more to your hearing aids! You will also get 24 hours of superior hearing in just one charge!
  4. If you currently have hearing aids, we will clean them at no charge.
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$1000 OFF

Save $1000 on a pair of digitally advanced hearing aids.

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