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O. Sarraff

January 30, 2017

My case is very complex, but Ms. Lima was able to fit me with the proper hearing aids. I was fitted with a CROS device and I am very happy with them. They have helped me completely.
O. Sarraff
B. Thomas

January 26, 2017

My wife likes not having to repeat everything or telling me what others have said. I can hear!
B. Thomas
M. Rogowski

December 21, 2016

After meeting Mr. Moore, the specialist, I was assured and encouraged and felt very much at ease. Mr. Moore is a true professional and knowledgeable.
M. Rogowski
B. Maslow

August 12, 2016

Christine Hand was very helpful. She made me feel that I had known her as a friend. I went to another hearing aid business earlier that day but felt more comfortable with Christine.
B. Maslow
C. Pincus

August 10, 2016

I am hearing much better and am enjoying in participating in family conversations.
C. Pincus
E. George

July 26, 2016

Tim is a wonderful team member. He goes above and beyond to make sure I am happy with my hearing aids.
E. George
C. Bauso

July 26, 2016

Karen Butler was very professional and attentive to my needs. She was also very informative during every visit and very inviting. I would not think twice to recommend her to anybody.
C. Bauso
S. Strauss

July 20, 2016

Customer service and quality of care 100% all around!
S. Strauss
E. Santaigo

June 24, 2016

Christine Hand is very patient and understanding!
E. Santiago
S. Freeborn

June 22, 2016

I recently purchased a pair of Starkey Halo hearing aids. So far, I am very pleased with their performance and am encouraged that the innovative features of these quality instruments will greatly improve not only my hearing, but my quality of life overall.
Tim Bohl and his staff were exceptional in every way. Tim’s superb service, in large part, influenced my decision to make the purchased. Tim is committed to providing the best possible experience for each of his patients. He is proficient in all aspects of hearing aid technology and is a gifted communicator/instructor, who dispels a sincere concern for his patients. I am grateful to have finally found a hearing aid specialist I can trust.
Going forward, I’m certain that the Hear Again America team of professionals is destined to make a huge difference in the world of the hearing impaired.
S. Freeborn

May 25, 2016

Karen Butler has been my hearing specialist for many years. She is the best possible. She knows me and my ears very well. She is a fine person


May 23, 2016

Very satisfied- would highly recommend. Excellent front desk staff!


May 19, 2016

Everyone was professional, welcoming and friendly. Everything explained in detailed. A very positive experience with concern to my individual needs. A very special group

M. Etner

April 6, 2016

Both Dan and Christine worked with me more that I would have expected- I am grateful for that because now I can hear sounds I forgot existed. Thank you so much

D. Johnson

February 23, 2016

It has been a pleasure working with Christine Hand, HAS. I would recommend her without any hesitation to my family and friends. Thank you for a job well done!

J. Sehgal

February 2, 2016

This was and is the only time over the years I have enjoyed my visit to a hearing aid office. 5 stars all around!

P. Elderl

January 17, 2016

John Moore has gone above and beyond in trying to improve my hearing loss. I do believe we have reached the goal and for that I am so grateful.

J. Koski

May 17, 2015

An internal email from S. Miami office:

"Mr. Robinson called this morning, I thought he was calling to say there was something wrong with his hearing aids after seeing you yesterday. However, he was calling because he wanted to Thank You again and let you know, he is hearing the BEST he has ever heard with his hearing aids since he was first fitted with them back in 2013. He said your knowledge and expertise was very appreciated and he just had to call, to say he was Very impressed and Happy you are here.

Just thought you should know, you are very appreciated :)"

C. Clint

May 19, 2015

Mr. Moore,

Before visiting your office today, I was fortunate to receive an offer from Hear Again America. From October of 2014 through today, the hearing aids I purchased from Ear4U deprived my wife Rose from hearing clearly, understanding and totally confused her. This gave her a bipolar personality. Thank you for your personal concern and the passionate way that you took an interest in Rose. Now with hearing aids we purchased from Hear Again America her ability to hear, understand, and even her speech, has improved. She now knows to ask questions when she does not understand or know what a word means.


V. Cucuzza