Tele-Health Online Patient Care

At Hear Again America your safety remains our number one priority.

With that goal in mind, we are now offering our patients that currently have an in-office appointment the option to switch to our new Tele-Health Online Patient Care and Curbside Assistance options. You can now partner with your Hearing Health Provider from the safety of your own home via any mobile device such as your smartphone or tablet or your PC. Simply contact us and request to have your appointment changed to Tele-Health.

Limited Online Access?

Patients with limited online access or who prefer a phone call, may also contact our office and request a phone consultation with your Hearing Health Provider instead.

Rather Keep Your Office Visit?

If you’d rather keep your office visit, your provider will be offering Curbside Assistance in an effort to maintain safety while still offering a face to face option for our patients. Please call your provider to request this service.

Our goal is to ensure that you continue to receive the care you need to maintain your health while ensuring the safety of our community during this time. If you’d like to learn more about these new hearing care options please call us today.

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