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    Hearing Care Services in Catonsville, MD

    Our clinic provides extensive services when it comes to hearing care. Visit our office and learn more Healthy hearing is essential for navigating your daily life, both personally and professionally. At Hear Again America, our mission is to help you improve your communication and stay in tune with the world around you. We provide a wide range of comprehensive hearing services, from diagnostic testing to tinnitus management and more. All of our services are provided by our experienced team of professionals who are committed to delivering the highest standard of patient care. We also offer the latest hearing technology, as well as an array of accessories and hearing protection products.

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    Hearing Aid Services

    • Custom Earmold Fitting

      Earmolds are an integral piece to your hearing health, whether it’s ensuring a comfortable fit for your hearing aid or protecting you from loud noise. We offer custom earmold fitting to suit your specific needs, which includes full-shell or half-shell styles, as well as filtered attenuators for individuals that need to still hear, but keep damaging noises at bay.

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    • Hearing Aid Evaluation

      If you’ve been diagnosed with hearing loss, the next step is to find the best technology to meet your specific needs. Hearing aids are available in a wide range of styles, from discreet options to those that pack more power. We will work with you to ensure you get the device that fits all your hearing loss, lifestyle, and budget requirements.

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    • Hearing Aid Fitting

      After you’ve made your hearing aid selection with the help of our trusted hearing care providers, we will begin the fitting process. During your hearing aid fitting, we will tailor and program the device to your hearing loss needs using the results we gathered during the hearing test. You will also learn how to properly insert and remove your device, as well as care and maintenance.

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    • Hearing Aid Repair

      Even with proper care and maintenance, hearing technology can succumb to factors like aging or physical damage. That’s why our hearing health professionals are available to perform minor repairs in our office. In the event your damage is more extensive, we can handle the process of sending it to the manufacturer for repairs and will actively communicate with you an estimated timeline for return.

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    • Ship for Care

      We are now offering Ship-for- Care during these times and beyond! Call your local Hear Again America office today to learn how you can receive your hearing aids, batteries and other hearing products delivered to your doorstep.

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    Hearing Tests

    • Air Conduction Test

      This hearing test is used to determine the softest tones a person can detect in different sound environments at low and high frequencies. During this test, sounds will be played through earphones, and you will indicate what you hear by raising your hand or pushing a button. These results will then be recorded on an audiogram to track your hearing abilities at various pitches.

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    • Bone Conduction Test

      Similar to air conduction testing, bone conduction evaluations will provide our hearing care professionals with a different kind of information. Rather than simply indicating if a hearing loss is present, this test can be used to determine if your condition is conductive or sensorineural.

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    • Diagnostic Hearing Exam

      Diagnostic hearing exams are in-depth evaluations of your hearing. This process may include a review of your medical history, a list of your medications and supplements you take, an examination of the structure of your ear with an otoscope and pure-tone audiometry. In addition, specialized tests are conducted to determine the nature of your hearing loss.

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    • Industrial Hearing Screening

      Hearing loss in the workplace is a significant issue affecting our society today. With our industrial hearing screening service, we can evaluate the risk of noise-induced hearing loss at your workplace and recommend the proper protocol to keep your employees safe. Our recommendations typically entail specific ear protection for your industry, ranging from earplugs to earmuffs.

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    • Speech Testing

      Also known as speech reception threshold (SRT), this testing is used to confirm the results of your air conduction evaluation. Instead of listening to various tones, different words will be played and you will be asked to repeat what you heard. This test will be used to help navigate our hearing health professionals on the best course of treatment for your hearing loss.

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    • Tympanometry/Acoustic Immittance Test

      Tympanometry testing is used by our hearing care providers to evaluate the mobility of the eardrum and condition of the middle ear. During this test, variations of air pressure will be distributed into the ear canal to measure how your middle ear functions. This can provide our hearing care professionals with more information on what is causing your hearing loss.

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    Tinnitus Treatment & Management

    • Tinnitus Treatment

      If you’ve ever experienced a ringing, buzzing or whirring sensation in your ear, you may be dealing with tinnitus. This condition can be constant or intermittent, and intensity may vary based on your surroundings. We understand how frustrating this condition can be, which is why our hearing care team has the solutions you need to find relief, such as hearing aids with masking features.

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