Hearing Aid Services

Sometimes experiencing the joy of hearing again requires a little assistance from technology. Hear Again America is here to help. From evaluating your hearing needs, lifestyle, cosmetic concerns and budget to recommending the technology right for you, expertly programming, adjusting and fitting your devices and providing repair services when necessary our technicians are with you every step of the way.

Custom Earmold Fitting

Come into Hear Again America and discuss your hearing protection needs with our caring staff. We’ll match the available technology with your needs to recommend a solution that protects your hearing and is so comfortable; you will want to wear it. A mold is cast of your outer ear bowl or ear canal, similar to the hearing aid fitting process. The molds are then shipped to a laboratory where the protector will be manufactured to the exact shape of your ear. Not only does this make the device more comfortable to wear, but it also helps it stay in place when you talk, chew or eat.

Hearing Aid Repair

Hearing aids contain very few moving parts, but that doesn’t mean that things can’t go wrong from time to time. Exposure to excess moisture or heat can damage sensitive devices. Earwax can prevent hearing aids from fitting or operating correctly. It’s nice to know that if you have a problem with your hearing aids, you can depend on our professionals for expert cleaning and repair.

Most repairs are made under warranty and can be performed while you wait. If for any reason your hearing aids must be returned to the manufacturer for warranty repair, we’ll take care of that for you. If your hearing aids are not under warranty, we will give you an estimate of the repair cost before any work is done.

In addition, we encourage you to bring your hearing aids in regularly for a deep cleaning. The Hear Again America technicians have specialized tools to help them clean in places you can’t reach. Proper care of your hearing aids extends their life. 

Hearing Aid Fitting

With Hear Again America, the longest appointment you may ever have will be your initial hearing aid fitting appointment. This is because our hearing specialists take the time to make sure your hearing aids are programmed for your unique hearing needs. Hearing is highly personal, so your hearing aids should be personalized too. Live speech mapping and other processes will ensure that when you walk out our doors, your hearing aids are adjusted to what you want to hear and you feel comfortable wearing them as well. We even show you how to care for your hearing aids and provide you with a custom plan for adjusting to your hearing aids. Just like wearing glasses for the first time, wearing hearing aids requires a period of adjustment. After your initial fitting, you’ll return for a follow-up to make sure your programming is perfect for you.

Hearing Aid Evaluation

If you’ve been diagnosed with hearing loss, the next step is to find the best technology to meet your specific needs. Hearing aids are available in a wide range of styles, from discreet options to those that pack more power. We will work with you to ensure you get the device that fits all your hearing loss, lifestyle, and budget requirements.

If your hearing aids need repair or cleaning, we can help even if you didn’t purchase your devices from us. Visit one of our convenient locations for all your hearing aid needs.

Ship for Care

We are now offering Ship-for- Care during these times and beyond!

You can receive your hearing aids, batteries, and other hearing products delivered to your doorstep with our Ship For Care delivery service.

Call your local Hear Again America office today to learn how you can receive your hearing aids, batteries and other hearing products delivered to your doorstep. 


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