3 Things to Ask Your Hearing Health Professional about Hearing Aids

If you are one of the American adults that has just found out they need hearing aids, then you might have lots of questions to ask. This is completely normal and your hearing care provider will be able to confidently answer any questions you do have, putting your mind at ease about everything. 

Your hearing loss might have been caused by trauma or damage to your ears or it may be due to your age. Whatever is causing your hearing loss it is always best to get it checked out by a hearing healthcare professional. They will be able to tell you the best course of action to take. 

What is a Hearing Aid?

If you have heard the word hearing aid being floated around, and the likelihood is you would have but aren’t sure what they are then look no further. They are small electronic devices that fit into your ears to improve your hearing. They are battery powered and last a long time if you look after them properly. The battery can be changed easily and you will be shown how to do this when you get your hearing aids. 

All digital hearing aids come with four major parts to them. These are the microphone to pick up sound, a chip that amplifies sound and processes it, a speaker that sends the sounds to your ear and a battery to power them. 

Here are three main questions you should ask your hearing health professional when you see them for your appointment. 

Will it Help My Hearing Loss?

This is a common question that gets asked a lot. It is okay to worry that your hearing aids won’t make any difference to your life. Your hearing health professional will only give you treatment options if they feel they will help you, not just for the sake of it. 

It is important to remember that hearing aids won’t cure your hearing loss. They are there to help make you hear clearer. They also help to prevent further hearing loss from happening. Although this can happen over time due to your age, if you feel your hearing has declined then it is best to go back and check nothing has changed with your hearing care provider. 

What Hearing Aid Style Is Best for Me?

When it comes to hearing aid styles there are two main ones to choose from. These are in the ear and behind the ear designs. In-the-ear hearing aids sit inside your ear as the name suggests, they are also mostly invisible. This style of hearing aid is not suitable for some types of hearing loss so you will need to check with your hearing healthcare professional.

Behind-the-ear hearing aids come with a hook that loops around your ear to keep them in place. The sound comes through the back of it and then travels up the tube into your ear that way. Unlike in ear ones these are suitable for all types of hearing loss and allow for more features. 

The great thing about behind-the-ear hearing aids is that you can jazz them up a bit so they aren’t so plain. You can get different colors and designs on the earmold. 

How do I Maintain My Hearing Aids?

If you want your hearing aids to last a long time without breakages then you must look after them. This includes not using them in water, you must take them out if you bath, shower or go swimming. They are not waterproof, they are however splashproof so will be okay if it rains. 

Your hearing healthcare professional will usually offer a hearing aid cleaning service free of charge but it is always a good idea to know how to clean them yourself. You should get into the habit of wiping them over daily ready for the next day. In order to do this, you might want to think about investing in the right tools.

You can buy a hearing aid cleaning kit which comes with a wax pick and brush. Your ears are not able to clean themselves when you wear a hearing aid and you can get a buildup of wax in the tubes. 

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